All parts and spare parts are available in our warehouses and in the workshop, by our specialized staff, able to offer a high quality service.

There are many reasons to prefer us, because in our workshop you become:

Complete mechanical inspection and repair of the tractor wherever needed, so that all its mechanical parts are fully functional.

The differentials and the operation of the hydraulic systems are checked.

Seals and bearings are always replaced after a thorough inspection for leaks.

In each tractor all the filters (air, oil, oil and hydraulic system) are replaced with new ones.

The straps are replaced when worn.

The refrigerator is checked, cleaned or replaced with a new one, when necessary.

Each tractor is changed with oils, valvoline and antifreeze.

The seat is always replaced with a new one.

A new battery with a warranty is installed.

On all tractors, worn tires are replaced with new ones.

Specialized sandblasting is done on each tractor.

In all models of tractors, the installation can be done, for the installation of hydraulic loaders.